Product and Services

Pictured: Standard Business Cards Designed by UPM

We create as well as offer a range of products and services, such as business cards, banners, labels and more to amplify your marketing and branding game.

Services offered

Coaching and Mentoring / Growth Planning Services

Available with Upgraded MindsetZ, a Personal and Business Mindset Motivator dedicated to helping others expand their brand, elevate their confidence to successfully grow personally and professionally. Click here to set up a conversation.

Small Business Start Up Resource

  • LLC's

  • Contracts

  • Informational Tools

  • Support

Crafting/T-shirt Equipment Hub

Heat press and Sublimation on site equipment rental


  • Business Cards

  • Banners

  • Product Labels/Stickers

  • Start up Social Media Advertising

  • Brandable products

Fashionista Services

Services provided by MOOIE LLC.

  • Styling Consultations

  • Fashion Concierge Services

  • Wardrobe stylist

Rent office space on a daily or weekly terms.

  • Use for Meetings

  • Presentations

  • Or Private Space for your specific needs

Journals, Financial Planners, Personal Diaries

Keychains and Stickers

Customization available

Personalized Planners/Calendars

Available Items

Keychains | $6

vinyl Stickers | $5

Gift Boxes| $35+

Stickers and Labels | $35+

Business Cards | $40+

Vinyl Banners | $65+

Custom Planners/Calendars| $65+

**Items with a + sign means pricing will vary based off size, quantity, etc.

Office Space Rental

A perfect space for small meetings, presentations, and other unique small business services.

Daily | $55

3 Day Combination| $125

5 Day Combination| $200

Sunday | $75

Guidelines and Restrictions may apply. Prices include up to 6 hours of availability.

UPM also offers space for selective salon services. Set up a time to see our location.

Set up the space according to your needs.

*Restrictions apply

WIFI included

*Computer and TV pictured not provided

Host your own presentation and seat up to 15 people.